Building Your Dream Barn

Building Your Dream Barn

If you have reached a point where you are ready to finally build the horse barn of your dreams, you may be both excited and overwhelmed. Here are some tips for building your dream barn.



Perhaps the most important aspect of your barn will be the layout. When designing the blueprint of your new stables, consider how many horses will be living on the property, how many riders frequent the barn, and how you would like the general flow of traffic to work.


Stall Size

While 10-by-10 stalls are standard and get the job done for most stables, most equestrians can agree that 12-by-12 stalls are largely preferred and are much more comfortable for their horses. If you’re taking the time to design your dream barn, it is worth considering.


Not only will this provide your horses with more comfort, but if you plan on providing boarding services on your property, you will be able to charge a higher boarding fee. While the initial investment may be a bit more expensive, you will likely find that it will be a profitable decision.


Aisle Size

There is nothing quite worse than narrow and crowded aisles in a bustling horse stable.


Be sure to incorporate wide and spacious aisles; this is certainly a decision that will pay off in the long run, especially if you are planning on providing boarding services for a large number of horses.


When it comes to stall and aisle size, it’s best to go big from the start, as this is something that will be extremely difficult (sometimes impossible) to change in the future.


Ventilation and Airflow

Proper ventilation helps eliminate moisture, keeps dangerous dust particles from harming both horses and humans, and encourages cool airflow throughout the building.


Dutch doors and stall windows are another great way to encourage proper ventilation and airflow, and they also provide wonderful natural light sources inside the barn. This helps keep the environment inside the stables bright and helps cut costs for electric lighting during the day.


In addition to installing a proper ventilation system, you may also want to consider installing overhead fans both in the aisles and in the stalls. This can be extremely beneficial in the hot summer months when hot air tends to hang the heaviest inside the barn.



Many equestrians dream of a large and beautiful indoor arena on the property that provides the ability to comfortably ride all year round, no matter the weather outdoors.


If your funds allow it, investing in an indoor arena can not only benefit you, but can help you provide more valuable amenities to your boarders. This in turn keeps your boarders happy and allows you to charge a higher rate for board, as well.


Construction Costs

When it comes to getting down to business and putting everything together, make sure you are using a reputable and licensed contractor. This is one aspect that you won’t want to skimp out on price; a good contractor and building team may cost more, but they will ensure that the job is done correctly the first time, saving you money in the long run and ensuring the safety and quality of your new horse stable.


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