Poor Management of Horses
Can Lead to Profit Loss

Horses require care in regards to equipment, health, and food. As an owner and manager, it is easy to spend away your profit on horse care and management. Losing track of horse management costs can cause inaccurate boarding prices and may result in losing your equine business.

Stablebuzz can track expenses, feeding schedules, and horse health to prevent unnecessary expenditures causing profit loss.

Stablebuzz Solution

Professional Horse Management

Streamlined Horse Data

Gain access to horse data in a few clicks ensuring optimal horse health and care at any time

Manage Your Schedule

Track feeding schedules, veterinarian and farrier appointments

Track Costs

Powerful reporting can show you how much you are spending on each horse against how often that horse is used so you can adjust prices accordingly

Horse File Management

Upload for each horse scans or photos of papers, documents, veterinary records, passports, licenses, and more

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