Inefficient Money Collection
Can Create Confusion

A major point of conflict between stable owners and boarders is the payment process. Customers complain of invoices being sent late, inaccurately, or not at all, and stable owners have a difficult time tracking and collecting payments.

Stablebuzz’s event-driven invoicing plus office notes for events, people, and horses can eliminate the risk of inaccurate invoicing, and a complete list of events right on the invoice prevents confusion and unhappy customers.

Stablebuzz Solution

Efficient Invoicing System

Look Professional

Send professional invoices by email, and customers can view their complete billing history

Convenient Payments

Accept credit card and debit payments right on the invoice page, no need to log in or navigate through payment pages

Efficient Admin

Save hours per month using self-booking, auto-generated invoices, or quickly copying previous invoices

Send Reminders

Send a reminder email for an unpaid invoice with one click

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