Are You Tracking Expenses Correctly for Your Equine Business?

Stable owners must record every expense made using business funds. From snacks to facility repairs, every financial move should be recorded. How easy is it in your current accounting software to track expenses per horse or facility area, or divide up an expense among several or many horses?

Stablebuzz expense tracking allows you to not only track expenses per horse, but to compare that against horse usage to calculate a cost-per-hour for each horse. How do you track and calculate this critical key performance indicator today?

Stablebuzz Solution

Efficient Expense Tracking

Keep Organized

Associate expenses with facility areas or horses, across any number of accounts of your choosing to better understand your business and quickly handle your tax filings

Payroll Tracking

Set hourly wages and schedule your staff's work for payroll reporting

Clear Results

Analyze your expenses vs. income month by month throughout the year to improve future cash flow planning

Export & Access

Download report data to share, or grant your accountant special limited access

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