Stablebuzz - The Best Digital Stable Management Software

The Best Digital Stable Management Software

If you’re looking for an intelligent program to help you manage both the day-to-day and the big picture aspects of your stable, look no further; Stablebuzz is here to help.


What Is Stablebuzz?

Managing a horse stable can be a highly demanding job. It can be extremely easy to spread yourself thin between staffing and scheduling, training students, ordering supplies, scheduling farrier and veterinary visits, and spending time with your horse or riding.


Often, the paperwork that comes along with daily, weekly, and monthly stable management can add up quickly, leaving you buried in a pile of administrative work that seems to be never-ending.


Thankfully, that’s where Stablebuzz comes in. Stablebuzz is an intelligent and comprehensive software designed to cut your administrative work in half and simplify all aspects of stable management.


Simplified Release Forms and Scheduling

Many clients highly value self-serve bookings, and when it comes time to manage release forms, it’s not uncommon to misplace a few or become frazzled trying to keep track of them.


Stablebuzz will handle key registration questions, send release forms for automatic e-signing, create the invoice for the client, and collect the payment. That’s right; all aspects of release forms and scheduling processes that would typically be a massive headache for you are now all automatically handled by Stablebuzz’s intelligent software.


Stable Accounting Software

Typical accounting software leaves much to be desired; invoices can get jumbled up and look a bit unprofessional, and the interface can be challenging to navigate.

Thankfully, Stablebuzz offers the following accounting services:


  • Professional invoices
  • Self-serve credit and debit processing
  • See who hasn’t paid
  • Expense tracking
  • Financial reports


Leave your old and confusing accounting software behind. Stablebuzz was explicitly designed for use in the equestrian industry, and it has absolutely everything you’ll need to manage the financial aspect of your stable properly.


Why Choose Stablebuzz?

Why invest in Stablebuzz for your stable? We’re glad you asked.


Stablebuzz will help you:


  • Become more organized
  • Look more professional
  • Connect with clients better
  • Take better care of clients, horses, and staff
  • Spend more time in the saddle or taking care of your horse


Thanks to Stablebuzz, stable management no longer has to be a massive headache. Now, there’s no need to bury yourself in paperwork or spend hours going over your stable’s accounting records. Instead, rest assured that Stablebuzz will handle all aspects of your stable management so that you can get back to enjoying life as an equestrian.


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