professionalism in the equestrian industry

What Can be Done to Increase Professionalism in the Equestrian Industry – a Discussion

What Can be Done to Increase Professionalism in the Equestrian Industry – a Discussion

By Stablebuzz, #1 Stable Management Software

This week’s discussion revolves around enhancing professionalism in the stable management profession. We hear the CEO of Wisebox Solutions, Colin Schmidt coming up with different ways equestrian as a sport can compete with other similar sports and maintain its niche in the society. With many years as an active member of the Equestrian sports community, Mr. Schmidt responds to our Discussion Topic of the Week. For insights on better stable management and modern-day stable management software read our quick interview with Colin.

Q: Do you think that the equestrian industry as a whole is competitive in professionalism compared to other activities in sports? If Not, is it hurting the equestrian industry adversely?

A: “Well, Unfortunately, we hear that the number one reason that parents take their children out of equestrian sports is because of lack of professionalism that has to do with things like invoicing, receiving your schedule and being in the loop on things. So, the administrative tasks are really important. The unfortunate thing though is that when parents take their children out of equestrian sport then they( the children) may not necessarily come back to the sport. What we can see is that without a positive experience as a child very few come back to equestrian or try equestrian as an adult and therefore are also unlikely to put their children in the equestrian sports. Thus, this is something that can snowball and we need to tackle this immediately. Other sports that we are competing against include things such as of course gymnastics, swimming, dance, martial arts, and team sports. All of these have a higher level of professionalism that is mostly facilitated with software that the equestrian has been slow to adopt. Fortunately, new applications such as Stablebuzz are going to allow you to cut your admin overhead by 50 %, leading to enhanced professionalism and that enhancement in professionalism is shown to be able to increase your customer retention by 30%. “

The topic of discussion was open-ended and Colin provided us with meaningful ways for increasing professionalism in equestrian sports and ensuring that they are taken up fondly by people. Stay tuned as we discuss more topics with Mr. Schmidt concerning the equestrian community next week.


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