Discussion of the Week: What can the equestrian community do about Urbanization?

By Stablebuzz, #1 Stable Management Software

Returning with insightful stable management tips and advice, CEO of Wisebox Solutions, Colin Schmidt explores different ways equestrian organizations can thrive despite urbanization. With many years as an active member of the Equestrian sports community, Mr. Schmidt responds to our Discussion Topic of the Week. For insights on better stable management, read our quick interview with Colin.

Q:Urbanization is probably inevitable in today’s society, so what can the equestrian community do about this? How are we going to respond?

A: “The two key things we can consider are:

  1. Higher density programs
  2. Marketing the idea that getting out of the city is good for you.

So on higher density programs, what do we mean by that? We’re talking about being able to deal with more equestrian activities in a smaller space as well as diversifying the offering of what you have in the program. To consider it as a more complete activity focussed on the athlete of the person and not just the athlete of the horse. Vaulting is a great example of this. For you can have half an arena with one horse and anywhere between 6-8 vaulters or participants in the program sharing that one horse. It allows you to have fewer horses taking up less space with a higher number of participants counts. 

The second aspect is marketing how getting out of the city is good for you: Getting into the country is certainly something that most people are going to appreciate is good for them. So, does your making material help bring home that point? It is always going to be a certain distance from the downtown core to where the arena is. So, take advantage of that and make it something that is a destination. So, the destination is not just how you market it but also what happens on arrival/ when you arrive there.”

The topic of discussion was open-ended and Colin provided us with meaningful ways for keeping the equestrian sport going in the urbanized world. Stay tuned as we discuss more topics with Mr. Schmidt on other topics concerning the equestrian community next week.

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