Are Equestrian Sport and Horse Activities Declining

Are Equestrian Sport and Horse Activities Declining – Discussion of the Week

Are Equestrian Sport and Horse Activities Declining – Discussion of the Week

We asked CEO of Wisebox Solutions with many years as an active member of the Equestrian sport community, Colin Schmidt, to respond to our Discussion Topic of the Week. As a highly knowledgeable equestrian, Colin Schmidt provided very insightful statistics and insights on the equestrian industry’s growth trends internationally.

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Q: Are equestrian sport and horse activities in general growing or declining across societies today? 

A: “Sadly in western society, it is a slow decline for the equestrian sport. But we can reverse that if we are willing to adapt to customer expectations and deal with urbanization. Interestingly, China is growing very quickly, by the way, despite becoming more urbanized at the same time itself. From 2017 to 2018 stables and clubs grew from approximately 1000 to 2000. In 2017, existing stables and clubs grew by 68 percent. Also, the total number of people involved in the sport grew to over a million people [in China].

So the core issues come down to not just urbanization [in western society] but increased professionalism and considering how we can compete against other activities and sports.”

The topic of discussion was open-ended and Colin provided us with a meaningful understanding of the contemporary changes taking place in the equestrian community and it’s evolution worldwide. Stay tuned as we discuss more topics with Mr. Schmidt on other topics concerning the equestrian community next week.

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