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Spring Essentials for Your Horse Stable

As the lovely warmer weather rolls in, you may be wanting to freshen things up around the stables and stock up on some must-haves. Here are some notable spring essentials for equestrians.


1.    Fly Control

Yes, fly season will be here before you know it! It’s best to stock up on fly control products now before the little suckers really become a hassle. Fly sprays, traps, masks, sheets, and spray systems are all things that you should consider stocking up on this spring to help keep your horses protected and happy as the tiny pests begin to arrive.


2.    Shedding Blades

Warmer weather means that your horses will be shedding their thick winter coats. Without a bit of help, this process can be a bit lengthy and, let’s face it, messy. Shedding season often means extra time spent sweeping up clumps of thick winter hair. Stocking up on shedding blades can help ensure that the de-shedding process goes as smoothly and as quickly as possible – saving you and your staff hours of cleaning up loose fluffs of hair around the barn.


3.    Barn Fans

Airflow is key in the hot summer months! Odds are that you gave good thought to installing a new barn fan or two last summer but never got around to it; days as a barn owner or manager in the summer months can be extremely busy. This is something we tend to forget about over the winter, but taking the time to install new barn fans in the spring can help make sure that your stable is ready to take on the heat when it arrives later this season. You’ll thank yourself later!


4.    Soil Fertilizer

Ensuring that your paddocks and pastures are in the best possible condition in the spring can pay off immensely in the summer. An early spring application of the right soil fertilizer can help improve pasture quality and production in the coming months.


5.    Trailering Gear

With the upcoming show season comes the need for trailering gear and essentials, such as trailer aids, trailer ties, hay nets, leg wraps, and more. Put aside some time this spring to take inventory of what you have and need for getting on the road this summer; this will be one less thing to worry about when show season finally arrives.


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