Top 8 Ways to Get the Stables Ready for Spring

Top 8 Ways to Get the Stables Ready for Spring

1.    Toss the Clutter

It’s no secret that clutter builds up fast in a horse stable – especially during the winter months. Now is a great time to clean out those old bins and tack boxes! Donate or sell what you don’t need – one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, especially in the equestrian world.


2.    Clean Tack

With the approaching spring and summer months comes show season. Be sure to take out all your tack and give it a good cleaning ahead of time. This way, everything is gleaming and ready to go when you need it.


3.     Deep Clean the Stalls

A thorough deep clean of the stalls is an excellent way to ensure that the stables are as clean as possible before heading into fly season. Take advantage of the improving weather and turn out all the horses to ensure that all of the stalls can be completely cleaned out.


4.    Scrub Buckets

It is absolutely crucial to ensure that water buckets are clean and sanitary. Dump out all water buckets and give them a thorough scrubbing. Take this time to replace any buckets that are cracked or significantly damaged.


5.    Organize the Tack Room

Spring cleaning is very much applicable in the equestrian world. The tack room is one place that tends to get a bit disorderly over the winter months. Use this time to clean out unused or unwanted tack and take a good look at the current organization method. Adding additional storage solutions and ensuring that everything is organized and accessible will make daily activities run much smoother – especially when show season arrives.


6.    Stock Up on Show Essentials

As we enter into the fly and showing season, essentials like fly spray, hoof oil, mane & tail detangler, and first aid essentials all tend to be things that we don’t think about much until we need them. Take the time to stock up beforehand to make sure that you have everything you need on hand when the time comes.


7.    Get the Arena Ready

Warmer weather means long end enjoyable hours spent in the saddle. Outdoor arenas typically need a bit of TLC after the harsh winter months. Now is a great time to prep the arenas for the upcoming spring and summer months; spread out new footing as needed and drag the ground to make sure everything is even.


8.    Walk the Property

Head out on the property to inspect fences, doors, windows, and roofs. Things that may have broken or been overlooked in the winter months will need to be repaired as soon as possible.


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