Installing an Equine Monitoring System for Your Stables

Installing an Equine Monitoring System for Your Stables

As equestrians, our horses are a massive part of our lives. They are intent listeners, intelligent partners, and most of all – our best companions. It only makes sense to ensure that they are protected from harm or danger at all times. Continue reading to learn more about installing an equine security system for your stables.


What is an Equine Monitoring System?

An equine monitoring system is essentially a security system for a horse barn. With home security systems more accessible and popular than ever before, it makes sense that more people are investing in security systems for their horse stables.


Equine monitoring systems typically consist of security cameras, smoke detectors, and even wearable equine vital monitors. They also provide the ability to immediately connect with emergency service workers in the case of an emergency – eliminating the chance for mistakes caused by even just a few minutes of delay.


For stables that frequently travel to shows and events, an equine monitoring system set up in the trailer can help ensure that the horse(s) can be safely monitored during the trip.


Benefits of Equine Monitoring Systems

Equine “security” systems act as an extra layer of intelligent protection, providing peace of mind that the horses in your stable will be cared for as needed in the case of an emergency. Whether you are looking to have an extra set of eyes around the barn or you want to provide your boarders with peace of mind, equine monitoring systems can be incredibly beneficial.


Some of the most notable benefits of equine monitoring systems include:


  • Always know what is going on in and outside of the barn – even when you are away
  • 24-hour horse stable monitoring
  • Reduced liability insurance rates
  • Monitor horses during road trips inside of horse trailers
  • Give your boarders peace of mind knowing that their horses will always be carefully monitored
  • Intelligent and responsive fire alarm systems
  • Immediate communication with emergency services when needed
  • Monitor horses’ vital information from a remote location
  • Prospective new boarding clients are much more likely to choose a facility that invests in the highest level of care and protection for the horses on the property
  • Intelligent alarm systems automatically alert emergency services in the case of break-ins or other security issues
  • Monitor employees even when you are away from the stables


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With the information you have learned here, you will be well-equipped in your decision to pursue a security system for your horse stable. An investment in the security and protection of your horses is always well worth it – especially when you operate a boarding facility and oversee the care of other people’s horses.


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