Hosting Clinics at Your Horse Stable

Hosting Clinics at Your Horse Stable

Hosting clinics at your stable is a fantastic way to get involved with your local community and promoting your stable as a whole. Continue reading for more information about hosting clinics at your horse stable.


What Are Clinics?

Clinics are paid group lessons that are presented to riders and their horses. Clinics can cover anything from natural horsemanship to intense dressage techniques.


In most cases, riders will buy a ticket to reserve their spot in the clinic. The cost of the ticket is reflective in whatever the stable owner has paid the clinician to present on the property, as well as what the stable owner is hoping to receive as compensation for hosting the clinic.


Riders will typically trailer their horse to the stable where the stable is being held and remain on the property for the majority of the day. Meals are sometimes provided as a courtesy (this is usually reflected in the price of the tickets, as well).


Depending on the weather, clinics may be hosted outdoors, indoors, or a combination of both.


Preparing to Host a Clinic

In order to prepare your facilities for hosting a clinic, there are some specific steps to follow:


  • Check your coverage for liability insurance
  • Ensure that all participants are aware of COVID-19 protocols (masks, proof of vaccination, etc)
  • Ensure that there is adequate space for parking multiple vehicles and trailers on the property without causing a hazardous environment
  • Meal arrangements for the day
  • Figure out how many people you can comfortably host. In some cases, the clinician will have a set number of people they will work with during the clinic
  • Establish a set fee for the clinic – consider if you are looking to profit off of the clinic, or simply break even
  • If someone else has requested to host a clinic on your property, establish a set fee that you would like to charge in return for providing the space and facilities.
  • Establish a good source of advertisements for the clinic, whether it be local or online


People Above Profit

Keep in mind that even if you are looking to expand your business or make an extra profit by hosting a clinic at your stables, it is imperative to place peoples’ experiences well above money.


A well-planned and well-executed clinic has the potential to help your business grow exponentially, while a poorly planned and executed clinic has the potential to spread negative word about your business almost immediately.


Ensure that you aren’t overcharging, and be sure to hire a clinician who maintains a positive and friendly environment. People are much more likely to positively interact with both the clinician as well as you if they feel respected and heard.


Following the tips you’ve learned here, you’ll be well on your way to hosting successful clinics.


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