Fly Control For Horse Stables

Fly Control For Horse Stables

As we head into the warm summer months, we start to see the return of the dreaded flies in the stables. Today, we’re going over some of the best tips for fly control in horse stables to help keep the barn free of pesky pests.


1.    Manure Management

Proper manure management is absolutely the key to keeping your fly count under control. Ensure that stalls are picked out at least once daily- twice is ideal, especially as we get into the hot summer months.


Make sure that paddocks and pastures are thoroughly picked out at least once daily, as well. Manure is a breeding ground for flies and other pests; it’s best to eliminate the root cause of the issue before focusing on sprays and the like.


2.    Drainage

Stagnant water also tends to be a breeding ground for flies and other pests in the stable. Make sure that your property is outfitted with proper drainage to ensure that there is no place for water to pool or become stagnant.


3.    Automatic Fly Spray System

Metered or timed fly spray systems are an excellent way to keep the fly population well under control in the stable. Aerosol cans filled with a fly spray can be loaded into dispensers–much like the ones commonly used for air fresheners– and can be placed throughout the stable to ensure maximum protection. The dispensers will automatically release bursts of fly spray on a timer, protecting both humans and horses.


4.    Fly Spray

Fly spray is worth its weight in gold during the summer months, and for good reason; spraying your horse with a good fly spray will help keep them free from annoying and pesky pests.


In some cases–such as horses with sensitive skin– fly spray may irritate the skin. Be sure to conduct small tests with whatever fly spray you choose to use to ensure that it is safe for your horse.


5.    Waste Management

Trash cans–both in the barn aisle and in the rider’s lounge or tack room–can become a problem area in the summer. Food and drink tend to draw the pesky buggers in, and once they’ve found a good source of sustenance, it can be hard to get them out.


Ensure that all garbage bins in the stable have air-tight covers, and be sure to have the bags emptied once daily to help cut back on the chance of flies.


6.    Feed Room

The feed room can be a big target for flies, especially in the summer. Sweet grains tend to draw flies in, and once they get into the feed and begin multiplying and leaving behind waste, the feed becomes hazardous to feed to the horse.


Ensure that all feed bins have airtight lids, and make sure that all riders and personnel are aware that the tops must be kept on the containers at all times.


Moving forward with what you’ve learned here, you’ll be well-prepared to take on this spring and summer’s fly control.


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