Horseback Riding

The Benefits of Horseback Riding

Any equestrian could tell you that riding makes their life immeasurably better, in many different aspects. But have you ever wondered what the recorded benefits of riding are? Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of horseback riding.


Psychological Health

As we all know, one of the most notable benefits of riding is how relaxed and content we often feel after some time spent in the saddle.


Riding can be an extensive form of exercise, and in most cases is done outside. Fresh air combined with beneficial exercise produces serotonin, the hormone responsible for reducing stress levels and improving overall mood.


A good ride can considerably improve your overall state of mind, and can serve as a wonderful way to shake the cobwebs in your mind and de-stress.


What’s more is that successfully learning how to ride can be a massive confidence boost for many people; riding is no easy sport, and as we progress on our journeys towards becoming better riders, we can all benefit from the confidence-building knowledge that we are working on perfecting a skill that not everyone has.


Physical Health

No matter which discipline you ride, horseback riding can be an excellent form of exercise.


In order to stay balanced in the saddle, you’ll need to work on developing and strengthening your core, inner thigh and pelvic muscles. This is one of the very first aspects of learning how to ride, and it is often one of the first things that alerts riders of just how much physical activity is required to learn how to ride.


Riding can also prove to be an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise.


Social Benefits

Of course, one of the best parts of being an equestrian is spending time with our horses. Horses are social animals by nature, and spending time with them can be extremely therapeutic. Spending time grooming your horse or chatting with them during a walk is often a great way to decompress that many riders often benefit from.


In addition to the ability to connect with your horse, you also have the support and companionship of the other riders that frequent your barn. We spend a lot of time at the barn, and this means interacting with the other people who are often at the barn, as well. It’s quite common for the barn community to become close-knit as the years go on, almost like a second family.


Learning how to communicate and work together with both the horses and humans in your life at the barn helps improve social skills considerably.


There’s also countless equestrian organizations you can join to enjoy time with both your horse and fellow riders – local clubs, organizations, breed registries, sports organizations, and discipline-specific clubs and organizations are all fantastic ways to get involved, build your community, and form long-lasting friendships with other equestrians.


Horseback riding can be extremely beneficial in various different ways, no matter which discipline you choose to ride.


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