Keeping Your Cool in The Barn This Summer

How to Keep Your Barn Cool This Summer – Tips & Tricks

How to Keep Your Barn Cool This Summer – Tips & Tricks

As equestrians, we spend the year anxiously awaiting the arrival of summer, which brings long days in the saddle spent enjoying both the weather and our horses. The summer months can be incredible, but they can also be challenging to manage due to the high temperatures. Here are some tips for keeping your barn cool and safe for both the horses and riders.


Ensuring that your barn is ventilated correctly makes a world of difference in managing the temperature inside your barn during the summer months. Hot, stagnant air can be hazardous for both horses and humans alike. Ensure that all windows and doors are open wherever possible, and invest in large fans to help push the air throughout the barn. Proper airflow is key to maintaining a safe environment inside the barn during the hot summer months. 


Higher temperatures mean that the horses will be drinking more water. Ensure that all water buckets inside the horse’s stalls, as well as troughs placed in paddocks, are being closely watched and refilled throughout the day; dehydration can lead to serious health issues. 

For the people coming in and out of the barn during the day, think about setting up a water fountain, sink, or even stock a fridge with water bottles to help everyone stay hydrated. Long hours spent riding or working in the barn can catch up to you quickly, and it’s crucial to make sure that everyone stays healthy in the heat. 


If the horses in your stable are going to spend time outdoors, make sure that there is a source of shade for them to relax out of the direct sunshine. Trees provide excellent shade cover, but if you don’t have trees in your paddocks or pastures, you’ll want to invest in run-in sheds to ensure that the horses have a place to cool down. 

If you do not have either of these options, try limiting turnout time to morning and late afternoon or evening: the coolest times of the day. Time spent outdoors and out of a stall is essential, but not at the cost of our beloved equine friends’ health.

Manure Management

High temperatures and soiled stalls are often not a good mix. Aside from an unpleasant smell, high temperatures promote bacteria and parasite growth. Of course, manure also attracts flies, summer’s ultimate pest. Ensure that stalls are being thoroughly mucked out at least twice a day, and if possible, ensure that they are being picked out throughout the day. This helps keep the barn smelling fresh, free of pesky flies, and, most importantly: clean.

With proper planning and efforts made on all fronts, both the horses and people in your stables can stay cool and healthy this summer while enjoying the beautiful weather and time outdoors. When you work to ensure that safety and health are always the number one priority in your barn, the rest comes naturally.