Wearable Tech: Yay or Neigh?

Technology isn’t just for your stable management. It can help you with the hands-on part of your business as well, in ways that will help you keep your horses healthy and your customers safe. Read on to learn how you can use wearable technology effectively.

Technology to Monitor Your Horses
Being able to track the health and wellness of your animals is paramount to your business. Tools that help you do that can be easily integrated into your practice. Trackers that your horses wear can report their activity, leg movements, and even help you analyze gait. Keeping records of each horse will help you to determine which horses are being ridden most and could even help you head off stress/ overuse injuries.

Other types of equine trackers can keep track of heart rates, respiration, and temperature. Ensuring that your horses are in their prime physical condition means that you will need to be aware of their physical condition at all times in order to keep them healthy.

Technology to Heal Your Horses
If one of your horses has sustained an injury, there are wearable devices that can help them heal. Microcurrent devices can assist with healing tendons, ligaments, muscles, bones and skin. Microcurrent devices don’t use any drugs or require any invasive or irritating treatments.

Another tool to promote healing in soft tissue injuries, soreness, or arthritis is light therapy. The wearable pads can be put just about anywhere on the body and will help immensely in soothing your horse.

Sometimes a targeted massage will do the trick! Massaging blankets can help your horse recover and relax. Some blankets include pockets for several massage panels and remote control as well as breathable mesh. You can customize for your horse’s needs and size.

Technology to Keep Riders Safer
Using technology to keep each rider’s health data handy will help you to manage an emergency at the stables in a more efficient way.

Being able to easily access allergies, existing health conditions, or emergency contact information easily will help your riders get the assistance they need.

Coaching With Technology
Using bluetooth enabled communication devices for trainers and students will help your trainers deliver top-tier and effective lessons.

Thanks to the use of bluetooth tech, students will be able to clearly hear the coach’s instructions and make adjustments immediately. These devices can work with distances as far as 500m and can be connected to multiple students, so group lessons can be more easily managed. Sessions will be more productive as a whole, because time isn’t wasted with calling students in to hear instructions.

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