Summer Horse Stable Tips

Making sure that your stable is both safe and comfortable for you, your staff, and the horses during the heat of summer can be a challenge. Read on for some tips that will help you have the best and most productive summer possible.



Fly and Mosquito Prevention

One of the most notable challenges you face during the summer months is controlling biting flies and mosquitos in and around your stable.


Making sure that you’re keeping up on removing droppings and other waste from the stalls will help to reduce the feeding opportunities for the flies, as will locating the muck heap far away from your stable. If you have an automatic fly system, keeping it in top working order can ensure that your fly control efforts are more effective.


Mosquitos breed in water, so ensuring that you don’t have leaks or puddles will reduce the likelihood of a mosquito problem. Watering troughs and buckets can also become breeding grounds for mosquitos if they become stagnant; be sure to keep all water sources freshly stocked.


Using repellents can also keep you and your horses more comfortable. Making sure that you are stocked up on effective repellent and wipes and ensuring that your fly sheets and masks have been washed will help you to be prepared.


Keep the Air Moving

Like humans, horses are sensitive to heat; they can become dehydrated or lethargic in extreme summer sun and heat, and may face an increased risk of colic, as well.


Ensuring that the stable is kept cool is key. Using fans and keeping doors open can help to keep the air circulating while using awnings can make it cooler. The use of air conditioners or evaporative coolers can help keep things more comfortable as well. Not only will the horses thank you, but your staff, riders, and trainers will, as well.


It is also worth mentioning that a well-ventilated stable can help with fly control, as well.


Keeping Your Riders Cool and Hydrated

Ensuring that the stable is cool and comfortable is one thing, but focusing on the riders lounge to make sure your riders are provided for is also important. Having air conditioning and good air circulation will help. Installing drinking fountains in the barn can be an economical way to encourage good hydration. Providing a refrigerator with cold water or electrolyte drinks that are readily available to riders can go a long in way in preventing heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Likewise, consider placing coolers on the trails that you raiders will be using when it is especially hot out.


Choose Riding Times Thoughtfully

Choosing when your riders are out in the hot weather is very important. Early mornings are generally cooler and more comfortable for both riders and horses. If possible, try to arrange your training schedule in such a way that no one has to ride in the full heat. As always, encourage your staff, riders, and trainers to take precautions and be alert for any warning signs that your riders or your horses have had enough.


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