How To Choose The Services That Your Horse Barn Will Offer

How To Choose The Services That Your Horse Barn Will Offer

When designing a business plan for a new horse barn, it is crucial to carefully consider what services your barn will offer to customers and clients. Are you planning on running a boarding facility, or are you planning on running a barn that is more focused on lessons and clinics? Perhaps you’d like to dabble in a little bit of everything. The beauty of owning and running your own business is the ability to choose what you will do. Here are some tips to help you choose the services that your horse barn will offer.

Consider Your Facilities

The first step in building your business model is to consider the following:

  • The number of stalls in the barn
  • The size of the stalls
  • Acreage available for use on the property
  • The number of paddocks or pastures
  • The size of paddocks or pastures
  • The size of the tack room in the barn
  • The number of wash stalls
  • The size of indoor/outdoor riding arenas


Offering boarding services can be extremely lucrative when it is well managed. If you’re considering opening your property up to the public as a boarding facility, take a look at the competition in the area. Take note of the services that other barns offer, as well as what they charge, and decide how to differentiate your offering in a way that plays to your natural strengths. These steps will help you design a boarding program that will set you apart and entice riders in the area to bring their horse to you rather than other barns in the area.

Don’t forget to check the zoning laws in your area to ensure that you will be complying with local and state/provincial regulations. Pay careful attention to the environmental regulations regarding manure management and consider how many horses your property can support with and without hauling the manure offsite.

To protect both yourself and the individuals who choose to trust you with the care of their horses, develop a thorough boarding contract that leaves no room for misinterpretation. In the case of an emergency or disagreement, this will help protect you. Speak with your insurance company to find out what needs to be done to fully cover both your property and your business.


Running lesson programs can be lucrative, and they are a fantastic way to use word of mouth to your advantage. Once riders find a barn that they enjoy riding at, they are likely to tell friends and family; people will take note of the attention and time you put into managing your stable. Take a look at the lesson programs offered in your area and design a unique program with fair pricing that will set you apart. Carefully evaluate existing beginner development programs to find one that is comprehensive, fun, and suits your style. As riders, drivers, and vaulters progress, you may want to have a more tailored approach, but most stables and their clients will benefit from having a proven foundation for all participants. Carefully consider the advantages of your coaches being certified, and if you decide to go that route, be sure you promote that in your marketing. Work with all of your coaches to update their profiles on the certification organization’s directory to link to your stable’s website or Stablebuzz site.

It is important to consult your insurance company prior to opening your facilities for clients to use, especially if the lesson programs will be using horses that belong to you. You want to ensure that you and your facility are fully covered in any scenario.

The process of starting a new equestrian business is exciting, and with the proper planning, you will be on your way to opening and managing the barn of your dreams.

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How to Create A Friendly Horse Farm Atmosphere

How to Create A Friendly Horse Farm Atmosphere

Overseeing your horse farm’s daily operations is undoubtedly important, but it is crucial not to forget to focus on the overall atmosphere and environment inside the barn, as well. Many equestrians can account that a negative, overly-competitive, or hostile environment in the farm can be enough to make anyone feel less enthusiastic about their visits to the horse farm, as well as towards riding in general. To keep the riders in your barn happy and comfortable, there are a few things that should be ensured to build and maintain a warm, welcoming environment. Here are some tips for creating a friendly barn atmosphere.


Friendly Introductions

Arriving at a new barn can be extremely exciting, but it can also be a little nerve-wracking, especially if the other riders at the new barn are not particularly inviting, or if they are close-knit. To help welcome newcomers to your barn, set up a system that helps new riders introduce themselves to others and allows them to quickly acclimate. Consider asking one of the other riders to help them make introductions. Some barns welcome newcomers by providing them with a small gift, such as a personalized stall plate or a piece of clothing with the barn’s name and logo on it.


Come Together

Many horse farm provide a comfortable area for riders to hang out and relax with each other; usually a comfortable heated or cooled lounge that overlooks the riding arena, or something of the sort. If possible, giving the riders in your barn a place to come together and spend quality time getting to know one another and enjoy each other’s company can be extremely beneficial for creating and maintaining a friendly barn atmosphere. Even if a separate lounge area isn’t in the budget, it is worth considering throwing in a few benches here and there in the aisles, in the tackroom, and even outside of the barn to allow riders to sit and chat with each other when they aren’t spending time in the saddle.


Group Activities for your Horse Farm

Planning group activities and games is another great way to ensure that all the riders in your barn are able to build relationships with each other. Setting aside a fun-filled day for group activities, whether on foot or in the saddle, helps create a strong sense of camaraderie and community. The games and activities you choose to do are completely up to you and your team; choose some fun games that will help promote inclusivity, good horse-sense, and a strong bond between all involved.


You would be surprised at what just a few changes around the barn can make in the overall atmosphere. A barn with a friendly, open atmosphere makes for an undoubtedly welcoming environment that riders of all ages, disciplines, and backgrounds can truly enjoy with each other, and it also helps build and solidify a positive reputation for your barn, as well. Moving forward with the information you learned here, you will be better able to make the necessary changes in your barn.


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Leading Stable Management Software Company, Stablebuzz, at the Mane Event Expo Highlight

Leading Stable Management Software Company, Stablebuzz, at the Mane Event Expo Highlight

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Discussion of the Week: Is Low Professionalism Hurting Equestrian Industry Adversely?

Discussion of the Week: Is Low Professionalism Hurting Equestrian Industry Adversely?

By Stablebuzz, #1 Stable Management Software

This week's discussion revolves around enhancing professionalism in the stable management profession. We hear the CEO of Wisebox Solutions, Colin Schmidt coming up with different ways equestrian as a sport can compete with other similar sports and maintain its niche in the society. With many years as an active member of the Equestrian sports community, Mr. Schmidt responds to our Discussion Topic of the Week. For insights on better stable management and modern-day stable management software read our quick interview with Colin.

Q: Do you think that the equestrian industry as a whole is competitive in professionalism compared to other activities in sports? If Not, is it hurting the equestrian industry adversely?

A: "Well, Unfortunately, we hear that the number one reason that parents take their children out of equestrian sports is because of lack of professionalism that has to do with things like invoicing, receiving your schedule and being in the loop on things. So, the administrative tasks are really important. The unfortunate thing though is that when parents take their children out of equestrian sport then they( the children) may not necessarily come back to the sport. What we can see is that without a positive experience as a child very few come back to equestrian or try equestrian as an adult and therefore are also unlikely to put their children in the equestrian sports. Thus, this is something that can snowball and we need to tackle this immediately. Other sports that we are competing against include things such as of course gymnastics, swimming, dance, martial arts, and team sports. All of these have a higher level of professionalism that is mostly facilitated with software that the equestrian has been slow to adopt. Fortunately, new applications such as Stablebuzz are going to allow you to cut your admin overhead by 50 %, leading to enhanced professionalism and that enhancement in professionalism is shown to be able to increase your customer retention by 30%. "

The topic of discussion was open-ended and Colin provided us with meaningful ways for increasing professionalism in equestrian sports and ensuring that they are taken up fondly by people. Stay tuned as we discuss more topics with Mr. Schmidt concerning the equestrian community next week.


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